Anne Stokes Spiritual Incense Gift Pack

Anne Stokes Spiritual Incense Gift Pack

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A collection of six fragrances, pack of 20 incense sticks per scent. Included in the pack:

Mystic Aura - A sweet fragrance of Lavender this fairy brings to calm the mind and aid sleep.

Glimpse of Unicorn - Through misty coppice the unicorn walks; a Sandalwood fragrance announces his approach and lays the mind at ease.

Dragonkin - First flight can be a stressful time, yet the earthly fragrance of Patchouli helps to stem anxiety almost the younglings.

Water Dragon - A chamber is infused by the relaxing scent of White Musk, helping to create a calming influence for the new arrival.

Oak King - The cleansing and purifying qualities of White Sage drift on the breeze, an accompanying aroma to the magical transformation of the forest.

Spirit Guide - Fragrantly scented Frangipani is wafted on the breeze and mingles with the surf as there she waits.

Only for use in an incense burner. See packaging for safety information and directions for use.

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