Mythical Beast Inspired Apothecary/Potion Bottles

  • £ 12.50 GBP

Have you ever dreamed of having your own Apothecary or have a love for all things magical? Well now you can create your magical environment with these decorative Apothecary bottles. 

Beast Transformative Brew - Deep Purple (10cm x 4.5cm/3.9in x1.7in)

Griffin Tears - Iridescent Gold/Orange - (13cm x 7cm/5.1in x 2.7in)

Unicorn Blood - Metallic/iridescent silver(10cm x 4.5cm/3.9in x1.7in)

Phoenix Blood - Iridescent golden orange - (10cm x 6cm/3.9in x 2.3in)

Please note these are sealed to prevent any accidents and are only intended for decorative purposes! To ensure long lasting colour I would recommend that a dry cloth is used to clean the bottle and it's kept out of direct sunlight.  

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