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Black Henbane Poisonous Plant collection - Halloween Apothecary/Potion Bottle

Black Henbane Poisonous Plant collection - Halloween Apothecary/Potion Bottle

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It's 1867 and Madam Cordelia resides in a small Apothecary tucked away in the backstreets of London, she spends the nights scouring for ingredients in which to brew her miracle elixirs, cure-alls and poisons. Whether you're looking to cure a headache, dispose of an annoying neighbour or entice the love of your life Madam Cordelia has just the concoction for you! 

Handmade apothecary bottle with original design & aged to give a Victorian aesthetic. Filled with a stunning shimmering yellow and purple concoction.  Lovely high quality glass bottle with an original Sea of Curiosities design, perfect for any aspiring apothecary owner or witch. 

Size approximately - 13cm x 5cm (5.1" x 2")

Please note these are sealed to prevent any accidents and are only intended for decorative purposes! They contain no actual harmful liquid. To ensure long lasting colour I would recommend that a dry cloth is used to clean the bottle and it's kept out of direct sunlight.  

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