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Blue Spotted Stingray Ocean Pollution Sculpture

Blue Spotted Stingray Ocean Pollution Sculpture

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One of a kind sculpted Blue Spotted Stingray taking a rest in amongst the beautiful coral reef. This sculpture is inspired by plastic and rubbish pollution in our oceans, did you know that it takes around 50 years for a tin can to decompose, 200 years for an aluminium can and plastic takes around 450 years. Not only that, the branding is applied with toxic ink and the aluminum can is lined with a thin layer of plastic to prevent beverages from reacting with the aluminium   

In this sculpture there's also a little hermit crab who's picked up a new home in the form of a plastic bottle lid. The hermit crab population is being damaged by plastic in the oceans, usually hermit crabs will use empty snail shells however they are now getting trapped and suffocating in plastic items when trying to create a new home. 

As well as sharing information and creating a visual interest with these sculptures I will also be donating part of the sales to Ocean conservation projects who work relentlessly to take care of our oceans and the creatures in them. 

Size: Base is approximately 22 x 14cm (8.6" x 5.5")

Sculpted from high quality and durable materials, painted with acrylic paint and varnished to seal and protect the finish of the artwork. 

The paint are permanent however to ensure long lasting colour I would advise gently wiping with a dry cloth to clean and keeping out of direct sunlight.

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