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Manatee Ocean Pollution Sculpture

Manatee Ocean Pollution Sculpture

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Inspired by how plastic and how our oceans are effected I created this sculpture. I feel strongly about how as a species we are destroying our oceans, our animals and eco-systems, it saddens me to see such destruction and pollution.
I wanted to channel this into my creations so I sat and sculpted this beautiful manatee gracefully swimming in the lightbulb, like many other marine creatures that are swimming amongst plastic and our rubbish. 

As well as sharing information and creating a visual interest with these sculptures I will also be donating part of the sales to Ocean conservation projects who work relentlessly to take care of our oceans and the creatures in them. 

Size - 9.5cm x 14cm (3.7in x 5.5in)

The paint and waxes are permanent however to ensure long lasting colour I would advise gently wiping with a dry cloth to clean and keeping out of direct sunlight.

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