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The Messenger Original acrylic painting/canvas art

The Messenger Original acrylic painting/canvas art

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Original acrylic painting on canvas by Laura. A moody and serene vision. On a winters eve when the moon is full will awaken as the rune begins to glow. For days and months she listens whilst the rune lays sleeping to those who call out for help & guidance. This night she replies with songs of hope and wisdom, providing comfort and direction to all those who are lost. You may even catch her out of the corner of your eye, like a gentle snowflake.

Painted with professional, high quality acrylic paint and finished with a protective archival quality varnish. Canvas is ready to be hung straight on the wall or you can frame it.

Size - 8" x 10" x 2"

Please note colours may vary slightly from what you see on the screen due to differing display settings. Watermark is not included on the original painting.

To ensure long lasting colour I would recommend that a dry cloth is used to clean the painting and it's kept out of direct sunlight.  

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